Friday, November 4, 2011

About time....

Goodness! Why do babies have to grow up so fast?! My little man will be a month old on Sunday! Wow it's not even real...

According to his Dr. 'he's just huge!' At least that's what she said at his 3 week appointment. He was 9lbs 15.5 oz. Ummmm.... Excuse me but my daughter was bigger than that at birth! But whatever... He likes to eat what can I say, he's a BOY!!:) Plus I just have big babies...

My chunky monkey

My chunky monkey & my crazy (but beautiful) monkey:)

In other news:

I have FINALLY reopened the shop! I was actually gonna do it Monday but have had several people asking to place orders so I did it today:)

Here's a few new items I have to offer:

Colorful Satin Flower 

More to come soon!!


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