Monday, February 28, 2011

Super Excited!!

Yes it's true! We are expecting again! We are super excited & Audrey is way SUPER excited!! She kisses 'her sister' (my stomach) all the time~ Silly girl, she can be so sweet sometimes. She is totally convinced that's the baby's a sister:) We don't care as long as the baby is healthy, but for her sake,(& our sanity) hopefully she'll get that sister!

Pics to come soon of the big sis in her big sis t-shirt she's so proud of:)

Til later~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy 7:)

7 years?! We've really been married 7 years?! :) How'd that happen? So fast I mean:)... Plus we have a 3 year old?... Man we're getting old...:) But that's ok, I don't mind a bit:)

Love this man:)

Happy Anniversary To My Bestest Valentine!



Friday, February 11, 2011

In the spotlight...

~A little over a month ago, I (Sweet~n~ Sassy Shoppe) was featured by Joni over @ . She had a giveaway of one of my headbands & $20 of credit toward my store.

~Yesterday she did a sponsor spotlight featuring, wellllll, yours truly again!
~Check it out here:


Business has really been picking up lately, & I'm so excited!!
Here is another Spring/Summer outfit I made while snow bound last week.
It perfect for Easter! @ least I think so:)


& of course a headband to match:)

Old blurry pic

This was one of the first things that I listed in my shop. It was a custom request that I decided to keep listed.I didn't have a good camera at the time so the pics were pretty bad:( It kinda got pushed back to the last page & forgotten. I renewed it about a week ago, & almost immediately I sold it:) Sooo I made the new one, almost identical to the old just with 1 or 2 color changes(who can tell with so many colors right?!)(Confused yet? Me too, it's ok.)  I got some new pics with a better camera & Ta Da! Much better? Yes, I'm thinkin so...

New & Improved:)

This headband is definently one of my favs. Get one for you here:

Well that's about it... Now if I can just get better to make all the new orders I keep getting:)
I've been pretty sick since Wed morning. I finally couldn't stand it anymore & went to the dr today. I try to avoid them as much a possible, but I was miserable! STREP. What!?! I've never had that in my life.
Now I feel a little more sympathy for Nelson who gets it @ least once a year. NOT FUN! But the doc fixed me up & I'm pretty much drugged right now:) Which is a good problem:) (my throat still hurts, but I do feel lots better)
Ok I said that was about it like awhile back..... soooo BYE!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My 3 year old. Fashion queen in the making:)

Audrey's been REALLY into dressing up lately... & doing her own hair:)

Her lovely 3 BIG flower & 1 hair bow headband:)
The whole outfit(she had this on with the headband) Hawaii tee with pj bottoms. Tucked in:) 

I wish I could show you this whole pic b/c it's hilarious! You see the hat & sunglasses... She's in  her undies & her high heels:)  Whoowee!!

Camo & high heels...

No, that's not a green skirt. That's my shirt:)

The Shoes

 Last but not least..... This one will make you mess yourself :) I  fell over laughing!

She's laughing @ me b/c i"m laughing so hard I can barely take the pic!

Don't even try to guess what her skirt REALLY is...

She said she was getting married.... OMW!

I'm still laughing:)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow day(s)

Snow. So very sick of snow. Haven't been out in 3 whole days. Think I;m going CRAZY!! lol ok so it's not that bad just getting a bit stir crazy:) It has made me miss some of this stuff though.....

Audrey, Addison & Natalie digging their own 'swimming pool' in the sand:) (Paradise Beach, Cozumel, Mexico)

The sand was bothering her legs:) (Cozumel)

First time @ the beach (Grand Caymen)

Yes there's a blur.... Fat ppl should say NO to the bikini...

Favorite picture:) (Grand Caymen)

Grand Caymen

Riding the waves (Grand Caymen)

Audrey & her 'prusin' (cousin) Natalie (On the ferry to Grand Caymen)

First full sea day. Natalie & Audrey swimming on the ship.

Bring Mom ANOTHER treasure:) Cozumel

Lovin the one floaty!

Audrey & her Daddy:)

Riding the waves again:) She LOVED it!!

Testing the water in Cozumel (it was cold:)

Been checking out more cruises..... Shoulda went this week:)

Well although I'm not liking being stuck inside, it has brought out the creativity in me... Takes a lot:)

I saw this cool little idea here:

So Audrey & I (Mostly I:) tried it out. Here is our version:

Photography by Audrey:)

Moday night Audrey was soooo excited about the snow she was running around like crazy! Wait... that's normal:) She got all dressed up in her Ariel dress & another tutu under it. It was a sight to see let me tell you!

Oh my.... She's a mess!

Love the shoes

Yes. 2 crowns, 1 headband.

She wanted to wear it all to bed... I won on the dress. Lost on the shoes.

She loved the idea of the snow, but when she actually got out in it... Yeah not so much:(

FYI: Swing in the snow.....

Not such a good idea... Something about the ice on the seat...

She was not happy! Is Daddy laughing? Mommy was:)

Besides trying to maintain my sanity & keep my house halfway picked up:) (failing)
I decided to sit down & try to do something with all of my fabric & felt scraps. The results:


Love my Valentine

Spring in Paris



Summer Bouquet

Lucky you
Goldie shoe clips

Oh & I made a top & dress to add to my spring/summer collection:)

Sunkissed Knotted Top

Sunkissed Knotted Twirl Dress

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