Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a ....

B*O*Y!!! Peyton Richard Votaw will be here in October!(Richard is a family name in case you're wondering where that came from) Nelson & I are so very excited! Audrey is well.... 'Totally mad' as she put it!:) She's still convinced that it's a sister...We're fixing to go shopping to buy baby brother something, so we'll see if that helps a little. He may end up with something pink:)

I'm super excited to do something a little different than pink(although I still love girly girl stuff:)

Here's an few ideas of what I want to do in Peyton's nursery:

The walls will be red except for the wall that his crib will be on & I will paint it off white & then tape it off & do different color large squares:)

Bedding I want from Pottery Barn

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9.99? plus shipping? Yeah no:) I can so make this!
I want to make these for his diapers,wipes lotions & later all his toys 
So cute!
Love it!

Til next time, pray for us that we can convince Miss Audrey that this is definently a BOY!