Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New items & a giveaway:)

I know it's crazy, Christmas is barely over & already Valentines things are making their way into the stores... Including mine:) Here are a few of my sweet baby accessories (Great for mom too) NEW to Sweet~n~Sassy Shoppe:

This little hair accessory is going to be featured on Sunday here: (Listed on my bloglist & button on the side bar:)
Check it out! They will be having a giveaway starting Mon. Jan. 3rd for this headband & a $20 credit toward your purchase(s) in my shop!
Sweet Valentine (perfect for valentines day)

Also in my shop...
The Lovely Trio

Zebra Pinwheel Flower

* Elastic can be changed to:

* Infant
* Toddler
* Pre-teen
* Adult
To good to keep to yourself:) Pass it on!

Thanks for looking!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Pics & Cupcakes

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We sure did! I totally forgot my camera when we did Christmas @ Sandy & Randys(Mimi & Pepaw) & on Christmas Eve BUT... I made up for it Christmas morning at our house & @ Nana & Papas house that night:) Here are a few...

She got  Leapster 2 from Mimi & Pepaw so we got here  game to go with it. Princess of course:)
Aunt Kristen will be so proud!

She picked this out so I told her that I was going to put it in a box & wrap it for Christmas. So when she was in the other room with her daddy when I was wraping her gifts, she yells out to me 'Are you wrapping my Princess?!?!' She forgets nothing...



this be?

'A pack-n-play for my baby's!'

Or 'tinkerbell':) (No matter how many times I tell her that this is Belle from Beauty & the Beast, she absolutely refuses to believe me!) She's tinkerbell & tinkerbell she will remain! (until I can convince her otherwise:)

My Christmas present to myself:)

Gave one to Kris for Christmas.
We'll see how long it takes before Britt 'borrows' it")

Audrey opening her present from Aunt Brittany. A CUPCAKE SET! Princess:)

Testing out the cupcake set:)

Waiting patiently.... 'That one's yours papa!'

Making the frosting.

Audrey patted the counter. 'Sit here papa!' Ummmm.... I think I'll stand thanks:)'

Frosting tasted like poop so we used a backup:) Not kidding, it smelled like an ointment!

Cupcake decorating is obviously serious biz

Lovely cupcakes Miss Audrey!

Audrey & Tasha

Mom found Kevin sunglasses & returned them, thus the reason for watching us bake cupcakes with them on:)

My baby

Making cupcakes is hard work!



End of the year SALE @ Sweet~n~Sassy Shoppe! 30% off everthing in the store. Ends New Years Eve @ midnight. Check it out!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Only 25 more days!

25 more days & my family & I (Rick, Tip, Jimmy, Jayne, Addison, Natalie & Us:) will be on driving down to Galveston, Tx. to get on on one of these:)

I think ours will be the Conquest...

We'll head out to Jamacia first I think...(I've really researched this as you can tell;)

I think I'll not be eatting here... ICK!

Next: The Grand Cayman!

Last we'll visit Cozumel... Nelson & I cruised there almost 6 years ago for our first anniversary:)

It's beautiful there! Can't wait to go back!

Maybe Jayne & I can do a little bit of this! or even just sunning on the deck would be good for me...

While the girls play here:)

I'm getting EXCITED!

I'd add one of those counterdown thingys like everyone else but I think I'd have heartattach everytime I saw it soooo....I'll just stay in my state of denial thinking I still have gobs of time to get ready for it:)

BTW: My store will be closed Jan. 14th thru the 23rd. All orders taken after Jan 7th will not be started until the 24th:) Thanks for understanding!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boutique Hairbows NEW from Sweet~n~Sassy Shoppe!

For those of you who have been waiting for me to start putting my hairbows in my shop, here they are!

*** I added a few flowers too:)

And last: Shoe Clips:)

Thanks for looking!