Monday, January 23, 2012

It's a giveaway!!

It's our 1st giveaway! Head over to our facebook page for details & enter to win  our Sweet Valentine Headband
just in time for Valentines Day! Giveaway ends Thursday, January 26th @ 11:59pm.
Ended! Congratulations to our winner!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year!!

Goodness! Who has time to blog?!? Not me apparently:)
 So much has been going on lately, but it seems now to be settling down a bit... 
Well, as much as life can ever settle when you have a 4yr old & 3 month old right?!

Speaking of... My little mister turned 3 months old last week!

He's getting hugeamongus! It's not even fair. They grow up way to fast:(
He's such a happy little thing! Love my little man:)

We had Christmas... (just in case you weren't aware)

Audrey & Peyton on Christmas Sunday

Audrey & her Bestie Talia Grace

Our future Youth for Truth Girls
Pray saints pray!

Audrey & her Cousin Miss Natalie


Patiently wainting her turn to open gifts:)

Peyton & his Uncle Danno

Showing Aunt Sheri how it's done on her new 'umputer'. 'It's pink!!'

Daddy helping Audrey open gifts @ the Copelands Christmas Eve


Oreos on steroids. YUM!!

Enjoying his new toy:) He loves that thing!!

See?!? I told you. He loves it!

He's this sweet when he's awake:) LOVE!

Christmas songs Audrey style:

  • 'I saw Mommy kissing Saaanta Claus, underneath the mistertoe last night!'
  • Frosty the Snowman~ 'With a corndog pipe & a button nose & 2 eyes made out of cold.'
  • 'Dashing through the snow, in a one hearse open sleigh!'
  • Instead of Grandma it was 'Grandpa got run over by a reindeer!'

Shop News:

I closed up through the holiday season because I know how crazy it can get trying to get rush orders in & I did not want to be doing that this year. I'm so very glad I did! This year was WAY less stressful than last year! 

I have reopened this week & have been adding NEW items all week. I have a few more to add before Friday:) 

New to Sweet~n~Sassy Shoppe:




All Dressed Up

Valentines Day

My Pink Valentine

Sweet Valentine

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Oh & P.S.... Free Shipping thru Friday!!
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